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The competition team

My name is Iván Nagy, I am the leader of the SunCity BBQ competition team. I’ve been dealing with BBQ as food preparation technique for 5 years and I started to actively participate in competitions in 2017. I am a pitmaster and referee of the biggest BBQ organisation of the world, the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) in the USA. In the domestic and international competitions organized under the aegis of this organisation I was successful several times, in 2018 and 2019 I won the award of the best Hungarian competition team! In 2019 we compete together with Péter Tamási and my wife, Margit Kurunczi. In this season we started to use our self-developed rub in the competitions and on the European rankings of KCBS Team of the Year we achieved the 4th place. Our goal is to introduce high-quality BBQ as food preparation technique to a wide extent in Hungary and to represent our country in international competitions on the highest possible level.


Vienna visit - reporting from Vienna BBQ Days Vienna visit - reporting from Vienna BBQ Days
We had a wonderful weekend yet again!


Rubs, spices

During the recent years we used many kinds of spices in the competitions, during catering and hobby events. The flavour was getting clearer and I started to compose my own rubs. BBQ requires special spices and the proper grain size is inevitable. I’ve been experimenting for a long time and the rubs were getting more and more harmonic. I would like to make you acquainted with the flavour of the BBQ competitions, because these rubs are available for you as well. Every rub can be applied to any kind of meat, vegetable, or even on potatoes.

Our spices are available at BBQ Expedition.



Yes, we undertace BBQ events! Would you like to taste real American, award-winning BBQ? You don’t have to search more, write us! We undertake BBQ, grill, pizza and Yakitori events organized by us at any of your team building trainings, company events, garden parties and friends’ reunions. In addition to the complete organisation of these events we allow you to get an inside view of the special world of BBQ, we inspire the participants with our tools, smokers and the collectively prepared food. It is possible to ask questions, of course and to learn the basics, from 20 to 500 persons. For further information contact:

BBQ basic training

Trainings, courses

We love BBQ, we love to talk about it and we would like to show you, how to develop further. Therefore we organise different BBQ and grill courses, from beginner to competition BBQ level. For details please send your inquiry to info@suncitybbq.hu

BBQ basic training

  • Smokers, tools, meat purchase, rubs, roasting methods
  • Preparation and tasting of the BBQ basic dishes

Competition BBQ training (hot&fast, low&slow)

  • Main KCBS categories, chicken, ribs, pork, brisket
  • Trimming, injection, fire management, complete time management
  • Introduction of both roasting techniques, development of taste profiles

“BBQ in your home“ private course, individual training!

Smokers, grill tools

BBQ ovens, smokers

The most important accessory of BBQ: the smoker’. There are several types, which operate with different principles. We believe that high-quality BBQ can only be prepared with appropriate and serious tools, therefore we chose the BBQ PitBox smokers developed and manufactured in our country, which is an acknowledged brand and delivered to several countries all around the world. The selection includes insulated box smokers, the Comper series using the new hot & fast technique, cartridge smokers, woodburning, Whole hog ovens and many more specialties. With our experience of several years and the introduction of the smokers open for public we help you to chose the proper tool. For details please call us!

Pit Box Comper S / Pit BoxBottom Firebox Reverse Flow XS / Pit Box D-Owen XS / Big Green Egg L / Alfa Forni 5 minuti pizzakemence / Yakitori Y-1 / SAfire / Pro Q Frontier Elit-2018 / Weber Smokey Mountain 57 / Gateway Drum / PK Grill 360


How does competition BBQ work?

The essence of the competition is that the teams submit the 4 mandatory categories at 30 minute intervals, which are the basic dishes of American bbq: chicken, pork rib, pork shoulder-blade and beef brisket (Chicken, Ribs, Pork, Brisket).

It is important to make dishes that are perfectly prepared and taste good, some of which require up to 20 hours of preparation and roasting. The competitions usually start with 20-50 teams. At the announcement of the results, the first 10 places in each category will be read, 10-6. placement is called Call, from 5 to the first Walk, because here the teams are already called to the stage. The overall result (Overall) is read, the second place is the Reserve Grand Champion and the first one is Grand Champion!

It is important to mention that the rules of competition are uniform throughout the world, and judging is done in an absolutely anonymous way, according to strict rules. A team never knows who tasted their submitted race box and no judge knows which race team’s production was at his table.

We have been competing for two years and during this time we have developed into one of the most successful teams not only in Hungary but in Europe!

Grand champion
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